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The results of a CCTV survey show our skilled engineers the condition of the drainage system and indicate whether a repair or replacement drains will be required. Images relayed from the pipework direct to us can show clearly blockages, cracks, fractures, displaced & open joints, collapses, deformities and intrusive tree roots. HDC Drainage & Civils investigates carefully to find a permanent solution to the problem and to reinstate as quickly as possible.

Located in Leeds, we are blockage clearance and repair specialists for Harrogate, Wakefield, York and West Yorkshire. We also provide all drainage repairs and replacements nationwide. 

At HDC Drainage & Civils the customer always comes first. We promise to find fast, permanent and cost-effective solutions for your drain repair needs. Our certificated drainage engineers use excavation (digging) and non-excavation (non-digging) technology to perform drain repairs and replacements. If our drainage company locates damage beneath a driveway, a landscaped garden or a sensitive work environment that needs to stay operational, we are able to install a series of resin patch liners or full liners to secure the drainage system internally. 



Larger instances of damage can require excavation and replacement but, subject to the results of a CCTV survey, HDC Drainage & Civils performs drain repairs without having to dig a hole. Patch repair and drain relining services minimise disruption using no-dig technology to resolve cracks, fractures, displaced & joints, deformities and all issues related to tree root intrusion.


Installing resin patch liners to secure short to medium length sections of drain repairs, is an incredibly effective way of fixing the most common drainage issues with minimal disruption. The resin-soaked liner cures under pressure to form a high-strength pipe within a pipe completely sealing and securing the internal drainage system allowing free flowing drains in both domestic and commercial settings. 


Drain relining is an extended method of a resin patch liners, it is used over an extended run to seal and secure longer sections of drainage systems.  The effects are exactly the same but may require lateral cuts to open connections that could be situated along the drain line. It is crucial that we use a CCTV Survey to locate the connections in order to ensure that no active lines are closed once the liner has been installed. We then use specialist robotic cutting tools to open these active drain lines ensuring free flow across the entire drainage system. 




A large proportion of issues related to property subsidence stem from a damaged gully leaking surface or grey water into the surrounding ground next to the building foundations. Many properties have older clay gully's which are likely to have cracks and fractures resulting in the drainage system leaking at ground level and, as well as causing subsidence, allowing rodents to enter the drainage system and gain access into your home or business. The gully is part of a discharge system that allows foul and surface water to run past a trapped receptacle but stops gases, odours and pests passing back the other way. When these fail it is the most effective solution is to remove and replace the old gully with a new PVC accessible bottle gully. HDC Drainage & Civils have an exceptional team across Harrogate, Leeds, York & all of Yorkshire who specialise in removal and replacement of gully's to secure your system and stop damp ingress and subsidence in your home or commercial sites. ​

HDC Drainage & Civils not only replace existing gullies but also install new gullies for extensions, new build developments and for rainwater pipes that aren't currently connected to the mains system. Many rainwater pipes that are located on buildings either run directly onto the ground allowing water to run away or disperse water into a small soak-away a few meters away from the pipe. Whilst these may function for a few years eventually the soakaways will become over saturated causing damp issues around the property or the water dispersion at ground level may cause slip hazards in the winter months. Connecting a new gully to the main drainage system will ensure the security and good function of surface and grey water from your property. 


HDC Drainage & Civils specialises in the installation and replacement of soak-away's & attenuation tanks, working on small projects for residential customers to keep their gardens in good condition and on larger projects such as housing developments. A soak-away is a system which allows the surface water to run into an excavation filled with crates and clean gravel. The design lets water percolate back into the earth at a steady rate. These are required in areas where there aren't pre-existing combined or surface water drains available or where new extensions or outbuildings are being installed. There are restrictions & regulations to soak-away's which must be adhered to, if you are unsure if this system is suitable for you then please get in touch and our specialist team will be able to advice you. 

Unlike a soak-away system attenuation tanks are installed prior to surface water entering the main drainage system. Yorkshire Water rarely allows new connections for surface water to the mains drainage system, a soak-away tends to be the only option to disperse this water. If a soak-away is not viable due to location than an application can be made to Yorkshire Water for a new connection. An attenuation tank holds the water coming from the property until it reaches a certain level, where it then flows through a restricted opening into the mains system. This is done in order to control the rate the water flows into the main drainage system, reducing the risk of flooding the Yorkshire Water drains. For more information on the installation of attenuation tanks for your project please get in touch with our technical team. 


Yorkshire is notorious for having a high density clay ground, this isn't optimal for ground water or surface water drainage. Many properties whether domestic properties or commercial buildings may be subjected to ground or surface water close to the footings and walls. This persistent water ingress can cause issues such as internal & external damp or subsidence however these issues can be rectified. 


HDC Drainage & Civils are specialist in installing French Drains across Harrogate, Wetherby, York & Leeds. We install a perforated pipe wrapped in 20mm clean gravel and non woven geotex, This is then connected via a non return valve and straight pipe to the existing drainage system or a soak-away system, allowing the ground water affecting the property to be diverted away from the footings and foundations. Similarly Land Drainage is installed with the same process across gardens or fields, allowing water to be filtered from the ground stopping flooding and over saturation. 


For surface water issues that may affect areas such as driveways our team based in Leeds can install channel and grate drains. These are used to catch the water run of from the surface and divert it via a pea trap gully into the existing drainage system. Predominately found at the top or bottom of driveways, around garages or across hard standing surfaces in car parks and car washes these effective channel and grate drainage systems stops surface water flooding from affecting your home or business. 




For domestic customers and commercial clients with aspirations for a new build, an extension or a similar type of property development, HDC Drainage & Civils provides a full drainage installation service. We can offer a range of development options for you, from carrying out all relevant applications, designing the new systems, installation of all new systems including highway connections. Our team are Street Works qualified allowing as to work in conjunction with the relevant water bodies and councils to ensure a fully functioning system to the relevant building regulations. 


We also offer an internal service to change drainage layouts when homeowners in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York or West Yorkshire move a kitchen or bathroom into another part of the property.


If required to, we work closely with project managers and any other contractors onsite to perform a full, fast and effective installation to an agreed specification, timescale and budget. Please contact us on 07496 799 158 for help, advice and assistance with new builds and property extensions.

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