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Domestic & Commercial Blockages in Yorkshire

HDC Drainage & Civils we take the stress and discomfort out of blocked drains by delivering of a responsive clearance service tailored to your exact needs. Based in Leeds, we’re an established drainage company with local, regional and nationwide reach & experience. Please give us a ring on  07496 799158 for a fast, friendly service covering  Leeds, Guiseley, Wetherby, HarrogateWakefield, York and all surrounding areas. We respond to blocked drains on a 24-hour basis, every day of the week whether you are domestic client at home or a commercial client in a office, store or social setting. 

Our specialist engineers have DBS certification and our company is a proud member of the Water Jetting Association. These important credentials give you the guarantee and peace of mind that you'll receive first-class drainage services from a genuine family-run business that treats its customers and clients with respect and care. 


We back the clearance of blocked drains with a 45-day guarantee subject to our technicians finding no faults within the line and subject to misuse. 



Blocked drains can caused be an array of issues, from foreign objects and contaminants, to root intrusions and damaged pipe lines. At HDC Drainage & Civils we asses the cause of the blockage in order to appropriately clear with as minimal disruption as possible. Using a High-pressure water jet with a pressure of 1,000 psi to 3,000 psi, or 200 bar, will clear a system without breaking through the pipework getting your drains free flowing. Jetting at these pressures cleans interior drainage of scale, fat and deposits, and cuts away tree roots to leave a clear passage for running water. HPWJ can be used on external inspection chambers, gullies and clearing blocked soil stacks. 

  • A fast way to clear blocked drains in Harrogate, Wakefield, York and the surrounding areas with no need to excavate or remove pipework.

  • No chemicals required and no concerns about environmental damage, pipework corrosion or harm to helpful microbial bacteria.

  • More economical and reliable than traditional drain clearance systems with fewer risks of damage to ceramic pipework.



It's not just external drains that can block, often you may find your sinks, baths and showers can block or have a slow flow. Hair, grease, general waste and even the build-up of soap can constrict the flow of water and cause foul smells and blocked internal drains.  Most blocked drains stem from one or a combination of these issues which we clear using specialist machinery such as floor mounted & hand held spartans. Our experienced drainage engineers can identify the cause of the issues and get your internal drains running efficiently so you can be assured your home, business or restaurant is free flowing. 



At HDC Drainage & Civils we know that you might not have a standard gravity drainage system and instead have a Saniflo macerator or similar system. These process waste by cutting through it with a rotating blade at high speed, turning it into an effluent waste liquid which can be pumped through a narrow pipe away from your home or commercial building to the main drain. The same types of waste that lead to blocked external drains – and sanitary materials in particular – also cause blockages in a Saniflo system. Any system with rotating blades presents a risk of injury to anybody who tries to repair it without the required job skills and knowledge, at HDC Drainage & Civils you’ll find with accredited engineers who can not only unblock and repair Saniflo systems but also offer new installation services for any project you might have across Yorkshire. 

When starting about an extension or new development the first thing to think about should be how foul and surface waste water can be disposed quickly, efficiently and to regulations. Where gravity fed drainage systems are not possible, pumping stations are installed. These can be twin or single pumps with high level alarms, please see our new installation page for further information on this. Drainage pumping stations should be maintained regularly with service checks annually. In the case of a blockage it is crucial a qualified knowledgeable drainage engineer attends a pumping station call out, at HDC Drainage & Civils we offer this service and can ensure your system is fully functioning. 

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