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I touch Technology

One of most valuable services we at HDC Drainage & Civils can offer is a CCTV Survey of the drainage system. We utilises state-of-the-art camera equipment from I touch Systems to investigate the condition of underground drains in the fastest, most cost-effective manner available in our sector. A CCTV drain survey relays high-resolution images to above-ground monitors which feeds back to our office in live time. We are able to produce high resolution reports with images and video links so you can see exactly what the problems are with the drainage system. 

Our diagnosis aids in finding the most efficent drainage service to clear a blockage, perform a repair or provide a replacement at your home or commercial site across Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield, York or Yorkshire.

CCTV technology plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day drainage services but, in more recent times, property developers, home buyers and sellers have come to regard its use as integral to pre-purchase, pre-sale or pre-planning reporting. A survey helps to identify potential issues that could compromise a sale or purchase and provides an insight into locations of drainage routes for any new and additional work needed.


We strongly advise a survey for anybody who needs a better understanding of the systems present in order to avoid any unwanted issues and get ahead of any damages that may be present. HDC Drainage & Civils CCTV Surveys offer the following: 

  • Identifying damages caused by displaced & open joints, cracks of fractures

  • Analysis & detailed report of structural condition

  • Identification & reporting on incorrect 

  • Detailed report to satisfy mortgage lenders 

  • Drain mapping to show locations & measurements of existing drainage system

  • Key information for water & utility companies

  • Detection of rodent infestation, tree root intrusion & other foreign objects 

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